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Ayame Kamijou
Kanji 上條 あやめ
Rōmaji Kamijō Ayame
Alternate Names
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday August 27
Age 16
Status Alive
Family Shoujo Kamijou (older brother)
Professional Status
Occupation 1st Years High School Student
First Apperance Chapter 12

"...... Is this really true? Was Kanata-san really the peeping tom"...? But there's a thing I can confirmed it, he sacrificed himself to save my life. I... I only need to believed that truth! So, thanks you. Then... I will hold this mood... to survive!"
– Ayame Kamijou after listened Kanata's last line and song, Chapter 160

Ayame Kamijou (上條 あやめ, Kamijō Ayame) is one of the female protagonists of the second and third part of the story.


Ayame has brown hair and big brown eyes. In her casual outfit, she ties her side ponytail with a braid and wears a purple sweater with a one-piece dress, black stockings and boots. Later in the third part as a schoolgirl, she possesses her long twin pigtails and dresses her long-sleeved sailor uniform with a black vest, black skirt, black stockings as same as ones of her casual outfit and bright green plain sneakers.



Early StoryEdit

Chapter 11-70 (Second Season)Edit

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Appearance in Other MediaEdit

Magazine Boys' Valentine!Edit

Ayame appeared in the bonus chapter Magazine Boys' Valentine!.