Karua Sakurame
Kanji 桜芽 カルア
Rōmaji Sakurame Karua
Alternate Names Virgin Killer
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Family Unnamed father
Akuto Saejima (love interest)
Professional Status
Occupation AV Idol
First Apperance Chapter 72

"... Idoit, I must shows you that... I will gonna live in happiness...! So God, please.... please make me pregnant. Then, let me to take revenge for my "husband"."
– Karua Sakurame's line after Akuto's death, Chapter 114

Karua Sakurame (桜芽 カルア, Sakurame Karua), known by her fans as Virgin Killer (童貞喰い, Dōtei Kui), is one of the female protagonists of the third part of the story. She is a S-Level female AV Idol.




Early StoryEdit

Karua is born in a millionaire family, her father always said as part of the family they must get a No. 1 place in everything. Karua, however, always get a No. 2 place in exams and sports results table, which Karua always think she must getting a No. 1 place for her family's name. This situation keep continue until during Karua is 17 years old, her father disgusted her with giving her a boyfriend from some random place. Karua dislike this but due to her father, she is forced to become that man's girlfriend, they are already together and have a date everyday. Until some day, Karua finally receive her first sex with her boyfriend. After Karua's first sex, she decided to leave her boyfriend alone and later she become a AV Idol.

By the time Karua have her first sex, she decided hidden her real name and changed name to "Karua Sakura".

Chapter 71- (Third Season)Edit


  • Eye of Virgin - Karua can see people's sexual status.



  • Karua Sakurame is just her native name, her real name is still yet to be reveal.