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Koyori Kanda
Koyori Kanda (Photo from Manga, 1)
Kanji 神田 こより
Rōmaji Kanda Koyori
Alternate Names

Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday May 6
Age 15
Status Decreaced[1]
Professional Status
Occupation 3rd Years Middle School Student
First Apperance Chapter 2

Koyori Kanda (神田 こより, Kanda Koyori) is one of female protagonist of the first part of the story, she is one of Ataru Kashiwagi's followers.


Koyori looks almost identical to Ataru's sister Yuri Kashiwagi. She has shoulder length hair. She wears a jumper, shorts, thigh high spotty socks and plain sneakers. She has a backpack and always carries a note pad.


Koyori is a gentle and shy introverted girl, she always carries a note pad around with her to takes notes on almost everything that happens. Despair Koyori is female she usually refer herself as "boku" (僕, Boku) rather than "watashi" (私, Watashi), she also likes cats.


Koyori's personality changes

However, Koyori's personality has completely changed sometimes during playing the death game, she become somewhat brutal and disrespectful towards people (Similar to Yuuma Mukai after Mizuki Kurashina reading his daily in his smartphone in Big Flame Festival). Later when Koyori's "symptom" has reach to the third stage, she is gonna berserk and loves to killing people, which Ataru refer Koyori a "cruel person".


Chapter 1-10 (First Season)Edit

Chapter 71- (Third Season)Edit


Koyori gone berserk

It's mentioned by Ataru in Chapter 149, with telling to Yuuma about what happened to Koyori during the second part of the story, her personality was changed due to she suffered a symptom which is similar to Yuuma. It's also revealed Koyori has be killed by Ataru when she gone berserk. After Ataru killed Koyori, he make a promise with her that he will kill anyone who have suffered the same symptom as her. Ataru said both Yuuma and Koyori have shared similar "thing" and Yuuma will gonna ended up like she did.



  • Since Ataru said both Koyori and Yuuma shared similar "thing", possibly Koyori may be a clone of herself like Yuuma is cloned from himself by using CAP Technology.


  1. Real Account II Chapter 139

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