Kanji マーブル
Rōmaji Māburu
Alternate Names True Marble
Personal Info
Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Organizer of Real Account Death Games
First Apperance Chapter 1

Marble (マーブル, Māburu), or known as True Marble (真・マーブル, Shin Māburu) in Third Season, is the official mascot of Real Account and the main antagonist of the series. His true identity is currently unknown.


Marble's most notable feature is the giant mask he wears, which is blue with a large smiley face wearing a three pointed crown. He wears a black T-shirt emblazoned with the Real Account logo, over this he wears a green cape with white swirl patterns that has a gold metal collar. He wears black pants that have two white stripes going down length ways on both sides. For shoes he wears crocs.


Marble thinks humans are shallow beings and seems to enjoy toying with them. Slaughtering masses of people does not seem to bother him in the slightest.


Early StoryEdit

It's revealed that Marble is the one who tried to driving the truck in attempt to kill Yuuma Mukai and causing him lost his memories.

Chapter 1-10 (First Season)Edit

Chapter 11-70 (Second Season)Edit

Chapter 71- (Third Season)Edit


Marbles arms seem to be able to stretch infinitely, he can kill people just with one hand. Though it's revealed it's just a machine hand which can be stretch by using controller.



  • With the recent story narrative about "symptom" and how Ataru and Yuri scared at Marble's real face, it's possible that Marble is also a clone of one of Kashiwagi family members, just like Yuuma and Koyori being cloned from both Ataru and Yuri.