Maruki Mikado
Kanji 三角 マルキ
Rōmaji Mikado Maruki
Alternate Names Live Owner
Poisonous Tongue Angel (by fans)
Dark Loli (by fans)
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday Unknown
Age 10 (Info)
14 (Actual)
Status Alive
Professional Status
First Apperance Chapter 68

Maruki Mikado (三角 マルキ, Mikado Maruki) is a character introduced in second and third part of the story.


Maruki has silver eyes with white eyelashes, silver long straight hair. For her outfit, she possessed a headband with two black and white devil horns and wears a silver thick coat, a black skirt, a pair of black and white striped stockings and black boots.



Maruki shows her real personality

Maruki have a really poisonous tongue every time she talks, and she seem to like to speak some strange words.

However, Maruki's real personality is actually a cheerful and a childish girl, she acts like a dark child in order to protect herself and survive the death games. Maruki is also a big fans of Yuuma Mukai and Ayame Kamijou even since Real Live Game and she like both of them so much.


Chapter 11-70 (Second Season)Edit

According to Maruki, she did joined into Real Live Game. Maruki is suppose to take the 1st place of Real Live Game until Yuuma Mukai using a "trick" (In which he acts as Marble to scare the viewers), where Maruki taking and win the 2nd place instead. Since Real Live Game, Maruki has secretly become Yuuma and Ayame Kamijou's big fan.[1]

Maruki first appeared in Chapter 68, she's sleeping in the sofa while the other survived players are celebrating their victory and the end of the SNS Hide-and-Seek with Marble.

Chapter 71- (Third Season)Edit

Maruki is choose as one of the 30 players to be play at Real Account Tower.



  • Despite Maruki's porfile page is written she is 10 years old, she is actually 14 years old.
  • Maruki referring the lolis who have passed age 11 or so will consider as a old lady, which she claim herself as a old lady due to her actual age.


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