Kanji パルくん
Rōmaji Paru-kun
Alternate Names Strongest Canidae
Personal Info
Gender Male[1]
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Professional Status
First Apperance Chapter 72

Paru-kun (パルくん, Paru-kun) is a character introduced at third part of the story. He is the most popular and most intelligent dog ever exist in the world.



Not much known about Paru-kun's personality since he's a dog plus it can't speak, other than it's showed Paru-kun extremely hate humans due to what they did to him. Thought Paru-kun has change mind a bit after seeing how Ayame Kamijou saved his life.


Early StoryEdit

Chapter 71- (Third Season)Edit


  • Master of Licking - Paru-kun is, for the most part, an ordinary dog. Paru-kun uses this during the girls have a bath.
  • Strong Sense Of Smell - As a dog he also has keen sense of smell, Paru-kun used it sense to finished the first death game.
  • Intelligence: As a genius dog, Paru-kun is showed to be rather intelligent for a dog. Paru-kun is able to understand Yuuma Mukai when he speaks out his thoughts after he learned his suffered a symptom, and can uses it's phone to written an messege.



  • Paru-kun may be based on Maron from To-Love Ru franchise since both of them shared many similar things.
  • Paru-kun is the first player of Real Account Tower to not be a human.
  • Paru-kun never have any trouble and easily finished every death game.
  • Paru-kun preferred the human girls over the female dogs, due to he think the human girl are way cuter.
  • Some fans speculate that Paru-kun might be the Chairman Marble due to these reason:
  • Both Paru-kun and Chairman Marble are extremely hate humans.
  • Genius and have a very high predictive ability.
  • Paru-kun is the only player that never shows to be in danger, and cleared the death games without any trouble.
  • Paru-kun can uses a electronic recording in order to speak with humans.
  • Paru-kun can understand the human language.
  • Thought in the recent chapters it's hinted that Paru-kun is not the Chairman Marble.


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