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Real Account is a psychological horror manga written by Okujou with art by Shizumu Watanabe. The manga began publication on January 9, 2014. The story is set in the near future, year 20XX, when a social media application called Real Account (A.K.A. Re-aca) has become incredibly popular. Certain users who spend a lot of time on "Reaca" are sucked into cyberspace, where they are informed by "Marble", Reaca's mascot, that those who manage to survive will be allowed to return to the real world.

Story PlotsEdit

There are currently two parts to the story, with each part focusing around a different group of characters.

Real AccountEdit

The first part focuses on Ataru Kashiwagi a high school boy who has 1540 followers but only knows one of them in person (his sister, Yuri Kashiwagi) at school he pretends not to have an account though people still comment that he is on his phone a lot. He is ranked 4th in the nation at one of real account's games and it is implied that he thinks of his real account followers as his only 'genuine friends' until he enters the game and realises how unreliable online friends can be. His own account is not genuine as he projects a false image of himself even claiming to be engaged. He cares deeply for his sister and after meeting a girl (Koyori Kanda) who looks just like her, he comments about how cute she is and immediately tries to protect her. After the death of his parents he and his sister have been all alone and made a promise to have dinner together every night.

Real Account IIEdit

The second part shows Yuuma Mukai also hiding his account from his real friends though he seems more social and to hang out with those real friends more than his brother. He also has a girlfriend Nanako Yuzuhara who is the only real friend he has in Real Account (out of 1893 followers). It is his girlfriends birthday the day he is taken. Like his brother all his virtual friends unfollow him leaving only his girlfriend behind but even she says she will unfollow him because she must live for her sick brother's sake. Before she unfollows him he finds a girl in a similar situation (her brother, her last follower says he is going to unfollow her) and convinces her to be mutual followers with him creating a bond where they must ensure the other doesn't die for their own survival. others try to follow them and get them to follow them back but they refuse as the responsibility and risk is too high. Yuuma makes a huge splash with everyone participating and the viewers not sucked into the game and becomes ranked 4th for most likely to survive the game.


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