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Real Account is a psychological horror manga written by Okushou with art by Shizumu Watanabe. The manga began publication on January 9, 2014. The story is set in the near future, year 20XX, when a social media application called Real Account (A.K.A. Re-aca) has become incredibly popular. Certain users who spend a lot of time on "Reaca" are sucked into cyberspace, where they are informed by "Marble", Reaca's mascot, that those who manage to survive will be allowed to return to the real world.

Latest Chapter
Chapter 176: Extra Game

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Featured Character
Haru Ichinose (2nd Part Chapter 25)
Haru Ichinose is a 3rd Years Middle School Student and a novel writer. She joined Big Flame Festival game along with Yuuma Mukai's group. After the phone was are exchanged, Haru think reading private message from other people's smartphone and she also noticed a lot of people are started to showed interests at reading someone's private message, though she takes note about this as one of her future novel ideas. After Hayato Kanou revealed Haru's private message about she being fake advertising a lot of books in online, she acts claim while being shake. Soon Haru revealed Kirika Sakuragawa's second shemale photo in public.

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