Sayaka Shiiba
Kanji 椎葉 サヤカ
Rōmaji Shība Sayaka
Alternate Names

Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 18
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Pop Star Idol
First Apperance Chapter 68

Sayaka Shiiba (椎葉 サヤカ, Shība Sayaka) is a character introduced in the story, she is the most popular female Pop Star Idol in Japan. She become Ataru Kashiwagi's follower sometimes during the second part of the story, she also love Ataru.




Early StoryEdit

Not much know about Sayaka's past, other than it's showed a brief flashback of her school life and it's showed a few students bullies and hate her. Which make Sayaka can't trust people easily.

Chapter 1-10 (First Season)Edit

Sayaka make a cameo appearance at the end of Chapter 10.

Chapter 11-70 (Second Season)Edit

Sayaka make a cameo appearance at Chapter 21.

Between Read-though Extermination Campaign game and near the end of the SNS Tag Game, Sayaka meets Ataru Kashiwagi's group and they become allies/friends. Thought it's not known how they meet and what's they do during the story progress.[1]

Later, Sayaka appeared in Chapter 68, to shows celebrating their victory and the end of the SNS Tag Game.

Chapter 71- (Third Season)Edit

Sayaka is choose as one of the 30 players to be play at Real Account Tower.

After the first death game finished, everyone is having a bath for rest. Sayaka revealed her wish to the other people, she come to talking with Ayame Kamijou, and stated that Ayame is fall in love with Yuuma Mukai. Ayame feel embarrasses at this and Sayaka said she is also fall in love with someone who look similar to Yuuma (Which Sayaka meant Ataru). Before Sayaka said Ataru's name, Paru-kun is shows up in the women bath and make trouble to the girls.

During Aiji Hoshina challenge Yuuma, Sayaka hidden herself in a cave and watching them. Before Aiji is being dead, Sayaka saved him by shared some of her phone battery life to him and tells him stop fooling around. Sayaka revealed she is hidden in a cave during Aiji challenge Yuuma and Yuuma noticed her around, which she replies it's the reason why he didn't kill Aiji. Aiji said Yuuma isn't much "manlier" as his twin brother did, who did the "most evil thing ever in this world", Sayaka shows a sad face after she heard it.

After Real Account Go game ended, along with Yuuma and the others are making a funeral for the players die in this game. Sayaka acting as she is feel so sad for the players being die in this game when she actually don't care about it, but soon Airi Homura destroys the funeral by burns the area.



  • While Sayaka has make a cameo appearance in the end of Chapter 10, she haven't make a actual appearance in the manga up until Chapter 68 (Or Chapter 58 in Real Account II) in the manga.
  • Sayaka's wish that want to achieve by Marble is "Give me a good husband".


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