Symptom (症状, Shōjō) is a departure from normal function or feeling which is noticed by a patient, reflecting the presence of an unusual state, or of a disease.

Causes and EffectsEdit

The cause of Symptom is currently unknown, but most of infected people have shared same "thing" with Yuuma Mukai and Koyori Kanda. It's explained by Ataru Kashiwagi, when the people infected by the symptom, it will cause their personality being changed. The Symptom's stage will also evolved as being damaged their head or mind. It has a three stages which included:

First StageEdit

The first stage of Symptom is yet to be explained, but it's seem like it neither affect the person nor have any changes.

Second StageEdit


Koyori, as showed during second stage of the "Symptom"

The Second Stage of the symptom will caused a person personality changes, which will become somewhat brutal and disrespectful towards people. They are also shows to not interests at do something the most people normally does, and shows very interests at doing bad/dangerous things. Despite in the second stage, their personality still can be change a little bit as the time goes, for example like Yuuma who showed very disrespectful towards people during the beginning of his Second Stage but later he starts to respect people in some way.

Third StageEdit


Yuuma during his third stage of Symptom

In the Third Stage of symptom, people will started gone berserk as they loves killing which it's way more violent than the Second Stage does. People will not care about life and also don't trust anyone other than him/herself.


The Characters who is known to be inherited "Symptom" included:


  • With Ataru said both Koyori and Yuuma shared similar "thing", possibly Koyori may be a clone of herself, just like Yuuma is cloned from himself by using CAP Technology.
    • However, if the CAP Technology is the cause of the symptom, then the other Real Account players should have infected too or even already goes to the Second Stage or Third Stage, but as the story progress it's only showed Yuuma and Koyori to have infected it.