Yuuma Mukai
Yuuma Mukai
Vital statistics
Position Main Character
Age 16 (1st year high school student)

17 (2nd year high school student)

Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

The start of Real Account II depicts Yuuma as a rather friendly person. Though everyone is immersed in the ever growing Real Account, Yuuma values friendship and explains to his friends that he doesn't have an account there. His girlfriend and long time childhood best friend, Yuzuhara Nanako is the only one who knows that in fact, he's more addicted to Reaca than the others.

After being sucked into the world of Real Account and being forced to play a game of life and death, Yuuma's determination allows him to save most of the people he met. He actively finds ways and loopholes in the rules to ensure the survival of most, if not, all people that participates in the game.

He's also concerned regarding other people's problems, such as Ayame's brother complex and Chiho's embarrassment at her shameful photos leaked to the world. He offers help and is good-natured overall.

However, Kurashina Mizuki declares him as someone who is "empty" when they first met, claiming that Yuuma's someone who is the same as him. This causes Yuuma to be wary about the said character, and he tries to evade him, something that's not really happening because Mizuki is intent on ripping Yuuma's hyprocritical mask off to see his "despair".

Eventually, they face off at the Big Flame Festival, a game wherein they find information in their phones that may serve as flames to burn the turrets down. In the later stages, the phones are exchanged, and the change resulted to Yuuma holding Mizuki's phone and Mizuki holding Yuuma's.

Mizuki reveals Yuuma's first memories and the fact that he has amnesia. Mizuki also taunts Yuuma

Yuuma Mukai 2

by reading the said person's diary entries, exposing Yuuma's misanthropic

views, and the fact that he finds the world boring. Yuuma reacts quite violently 

to that, making a move to snatch his phone back. Mizuki sends Yuuma to the 

edge as he delivers the final blow, which is the voice recordings of every single grateful message sent to Yuuma, claiming that, "he must've listened to it every night".

Yuuma suddenly screams in pain and his scar bleeds out. He pulls his hair to the back as he says

that it's a waste he acted like a "good person" (in which he looked pretty badass by the way). He then proceeds to defeat Mizuki to get revenge for what he did, not even caring at that point to save their lives from the game. 

Plot Edit

​History Edit


Yuuma's early memories consist of a ceiling and an old lady. He doesn't remember anything at that point, and it's only explained to him that his name is "Yuuma".

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